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Napoleon Patio Heaters and Torches

• Perfect for around the pool and patio
• Ideal for cafés and outdoor restaurants
• Fits into almost any space
• Residential and commercial applications

Napoleon patio heaters allow you to extend outdoor activities during the fall and kick off summer several weeks early to enjoy an evening barbecue, early morning coffee, or any other entertaining event. Move the heater to wherever you want the warmth! Napoleon patio heaters generate infrared radiant heat rays which heat objects rather than the surrounding air, keeping you cozy and warm by the pool, spa or on your deck long after the sun goes down. Infrared heat provides efficient, clean burning performance and uses less fuel while providing ultimate comfort.
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Napoleon Bellagio Patio HEaters
Napoleon Patio Heaters st louis dealer
Napoleon outdoor products st louis dealer
GSST8  -6,000 BTU's Modern outdoor torch slim, single, flame design with decorative glass embers; vent-free; electronic ignition; stainless steel, powder coated and porcelain materials; Built-in GFI circuit breaker for easy outdoor installation; Porcelain Panels standard.  Natural or LP Gas.
Bellagio Patio Heater 
•Up to a 4 foot natural flame with a 360º view
•Modern styling featuring a protective SAFEGUARD™ screen
• Commercial quality stainless steel
•Up to 31,000 BTU'S
•7 feet high
•Available in propane 
(optional natural gas conversion kit) 
•Optional Side Shelves and Cover
A new addition now available to the patio heater collection. The Bellagio™ Patio Torch™ is a 360 degree art form that can be enjoyed 365 days of the year. The Bellagio™ provides cozy mood lighting from an attractive single, luminous 4 foot flame.Napoleon Patio Heaters
304 Stainless Steel; Adjustable Heat Output; Direct Electronic Ignition; Dual Conical Burner; up to 45,000 BTU's; Available in LP or Natural Gas
Dare to compare!
Unlike most models available on the market which utilize carbon steel beneath pre-coated finishes, Napoleon’s copper and gun metal finishes are pre-coated over 304 stainless steel eliminating the possibility of rust.
Napoleon Patio Heaters - Outdoors St Louis Dealer

Outdoor Gas Lights, Torches & Patio Heaters: St Louis

Napoleon Patio Heaters st louis dealer
Dual inverted style burner - approx 2500 BTU's Cast Aluminum or solid brass - Post, Wall or Pedestal mount; varies by model/style - Natural or LP Gas.Open Flame style  burner - approx 2500 BTU's Cast Aluminum or solid brass - Post, Wall or Pedestal mount; varies by model/style - Natural or LP Gas.Upright style burner - approx 2500 BTU's Cast Aluminum or solid brass - Post, Wall or Pedestal mount; varies by model/style - Natural or LP Gas.
Everglow Gas Lights st louis dealer
Modern Home Products Everglow gas lights st louis dealer
Everglow Gas Lights and Torches

Everglow decorative gas lamps and torches add glamour and romance while providing functional illumination to any home's outdoor living space. Each lamp or torch in the Everglow collection is an attractive design that will stand-out on patios/decks, amid shrubs or around outdoor cooking areas. Especially along walks or around the pool, they enhance the graciousness and beauty of a home. Lights are available in solid cast brass, black or white cast aluminum styles in post, pedestal or wall mount. Torches are cast black in two distinctive styles for post or pedestal mounting.
modern home products everglow torches st louis dealer
Napoleon Patio Heaters st louis dealer
Legendary Lighting Gas Lights

Legendary Lighting's distinctive designs are assembled with pride by each craftsmen the company employs in its' Flowood, Mississippi production facility.

At Legendary Lighting, all lanterns are hand crafted and tested before they leave the factory to ensure the highest safety standards. Natural gas and propane gas lanterns are C.S.A. Certified to comply with ANSI Standard Z21.42 for indoor or outdoor use. All electric lanterns are also C.S.A. approved.

Legendary Gas Lighting st louis dealer
Legendary Lighting st louis dealer
Styles of Legendary Lamps:
Tempest Torches by Travis Industries
Breaking the barriers of standard torch / gas light design, Travis Industries proudly unveils the Tempest Torch - a dramatic decorative outdoor gas lamp. The patent pending Tempest Torch creates a  natural venturi effect causing the flame to spiral and dance within the tempered glass walls without the use of electricity.  Created as a decorative outdoor lighting furnishing for a wide array of exterior settings and applications, including landscape lighting, the Tempest Torch is designed to create the ultimate in lighting enhancement. The display possibilities are nearly endless; outdoor living space lighting, retail or business store front lighting, lighting as walkway pillars, pool area lighting, mounted onto movable bases or featured on an exterior wall or entry for general outdoor lighting. The Tempest Torch comes in two versions: a manual light system or an electronic ignition version that allows multiple units to be turned on/off by the flip of a light switch or can be tied into your homes automated lighting system  Models for both Natural or Propane Gas.
Travis Tempest Torch - pillar mount St Louis Dealer
TravisTempest Torch with Wall Mountings St Louis Dealer